After caring for his grandparents and later his own mother as they battled Alzheimer’s disease, Evan DuBro realized he wanted to change the way we care for those affected by memory diseases. In 2007, Evan founded Our Family Home believing that small homes, well-trained staff and connection-based care could lead to more good days for residents and families alike.

As Evan hoped, this new standard of care has proven to increase levels of contentment among residents, minimize dependence on medications, reduce falls and provide greater levels of support to families.

Today, Our Family Home offers 8 homes in suburban neighborhoods in Columbus and Cincinnati. Each home is state-licensed and houses up to five residents. We employ two full-time caregivers during waking hours, and one full-time caregiver during the night at each of our homes.

Our staff takes extraordinary care to create an environment that promotes health and safety while also preserving the integrity and livelihood of our residents.

To help set your mind at ease, please also know:


We care about livelihood.

  • Our staff takes pride in getting to know our residents and their families, sharing, listening and engaging with them throughout the day.
  • We offer one-on-one and group engagement to promote wellness, dexterity and vitality while also catering to the life-long hobbies of our residents whenever possible.
  • All meals and snacks are designed by a registered dietician and home-cooked by our staff.

We understand Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s care.

  • All of our caregivers receive specialized and on-going training, equipping them with the latest skills and techniques to manage the health and behavioral needs of our residents.
  • Our 1:2.5 staff to resident ratio provides greater flexibility to meet the individualized needs of our residents and offer greater levels of engagement.
  • We match each resident with a nurse concierge who oversees their overall health management plan.

We design our homes to serve our residents.

  • Our homes are remodeled, single-family residences located in close-knit neighborhoods.
  • While layouts vary, our homes offer private rooms and a comfortable, open floor-plan with a yard and outdoor sitting area.
  • Our single story residential homes can ease the transition and angst for residents and families.

Without a cure for memory disease, Our Family Home is committed to taking the steps we can to give our residents and our families more good days.