4 Principles of Memory Care


Memory Care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Our four principles of memory care help provide the best long-term care for loved ones struggling with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Caregivers want to give their best to their loved ones. Oftentimes, caregiver stress and burnout occur. Many are managing a full time job and are taking care of a family, and simply do not have the time, focus or energy to take care of their mother or father with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Home health care can help, but that can be very expensive. That’s why so many families trust Our Family Home to provide a safe, nurturing environment.




Attentive Care

Higher staff to resident ratios to provide more individualized care to your loved one.

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Compassionate Continuity

High satisfaction results in low turnover of residents.

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Healthy Living

Home-cooked meals and snacks planned by a licensed dietician, shared in a family-style dining room..

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Warm Residential Home

Our residents live in a familiar setting with five or fewer other people. Our private residences are safe, secure, single-family private homes. The comfortable cozy ambiance puts our residents at ease.

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