Compassionate Continuity


Compassionate Continuity

At Our Family Home, we support compassionate continutity of care more than a skilled nursing home or assited living facility. Our 2 to 5 staff to resident ratio allows us to provide more one on one care from caregivers who are specifically trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. We have less turnover and burnout of staff increasing caregiver continuity. In addition, our residents, loved ones, and visitors are able to develop a positive relationship with our staff which is beneficial to excellent care.

High satisfaction results in low turnover of residents.

  • 88% stay for the remainder of their lives

Low turnover and burnout of staff

  • We build closer relationships with our families and staff
  • Staff members enjoy the relaxed, positive working environment
  • Rewarding relationships with residents and families
  • Staff works a maximum of three days per week (36 hours)
  • Tenure of staff is much superior to traditional facilities

Consistent staff schedule

  • Staff becomes intimately familiar with each resident
  • Familiar routine calms residents and decreases agitation
  • Caregivers pay attention to individual needs and family wishes

Family members experience less guilt and concern

  • They have confidence in staff members who they know well

Care continuity, including partner-provided hospice if needed