Compare our Alzheimer’s and Dementia care to typical Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Homes

With a staff ratio-to-resident ratio of 1:2.5 and an average of only five residents per facility, Our Family Home is unsurpassed in the quality of care we can bring to your loved one afflicted with Alzheimer’sor . We provide home-cooked meals, brain-stimulating, fun activities and around-the-clock care to make sure your loved one has everything he or she needs.

Please review the chart below to see how Our Family Home compares to typical assisted living and skilled nursing homes.

Committed to the
Four Principles of Memory Care*
Rate each memory care alternative and compare our care
Typical Assisted Living Typical Skilled Nursing
1. Attentive Care
  • Staff to resident ratio (daytime)
1:2.5 1:14 1:6
  • Staff training
36 12 or less 12 or less
  • Loving relationships, dignity, respect
Yes No No
2. Warm residential home
  • Residents per home
5 12-40 15-40
  • Safe and secure
Yes Yes Yes
  • Familiar setting, designed for memory care
Yes No No
  • Single-family residence in neighborhood
Yes No No
  • Personalized, cozy ambiance
Yes No No
3. Healthy Living
  • Home-cooked meals at family-style table
Yes No No
  • Residents maintain a healthy weight**
60% Ask Ask
  • Third-party partners – ex. therapists
Yes Yes Yes
  • Reductions in medications**
70% Ask Ask
  • Fewer infections and hospitalizations**
87% Ask Ask
4. Compassionate continuity
  • Low turnover of residents
<12% Ask Ask
  • Consistent staff schedule, low turnover
Yes No No
  • Staff familiar with each resident and needs
Yes Ask Ask
  • Staff develops relationships with families
Yes Seldom Seldom
  • Family members experience less worry and stress because they know the staff**
90% No No
**As reported in a survey of family members
*Recommended by The Alzheimer’s Association, Central. Ohio Chapter For more

information, please visit