Meet Hope

Employee Spotlight: Hope Sparks, LPN

What do you do for Our Family Home? 

I am a house manager for Our Family Home. I manage three homes in Columbus and oversee resident care, staffing, training and many of the day to day needs of our residents and caregivers.

How long have you worked with Our Family Home?

I worked for Our Family Home from 2014 – 2016 and recently rejoined the organization full time in December.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The residents. I enjoy seeing them grow in our care. Our residents often come to us from an unsuccessful situation. In many cases, we’re able to see them improve after they join us. I also love seeing how comfortable they are in our homes. It’s home to them. We have individuals graduating from hospice and living beyond their doctor or their family’s expectations. I’ve worked in different settings and the care changes when you have this level of staffing.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

Spending time with my family, including my husband, four children and grandson. I also enjoy traveling, reading and walking with our two dogs.

What have you learned working with the residents at Our Family Home? 

I have learned that this disease can touch anyone. We’re seeing younger individuals with this disease. It makes me grateful every day. I’ve also learned that our model and the level of engagement with our residents has a real impact. Everything from one-on-one and small group interaction to communication to personal connectedness. We’re able to take the time they need and really reach them. It’s not about activities. Many of our residents can’t participate in things like bingo, but they can hear the book I’m reading, the music that’s playing or the words we’re singing. They smile when we are holding their hand or when they smell the lavender lotion we’re putting on their hands. We make them feel important.

Have you been impacted personally by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?

My grandmother, who was one of my favorite people in the world, had dementia. I learned so much from her. Not just about the disease, but about caring for seniors. She was also an LPN and part of the reason I went in to nursing.

How does Our Family Home give residents and families more good days?

More good days is about more than meeting the needs of residents – feeding them, hydration, nutrition, and basic personal hygiene. It’s about really engaging with them. Making sure they feel important, loved, secure and comfortable. It’s about connection.