Meet Victoria!

Employee Spotlight: Victoria Asiedu
Caregiver at our Tonti Drive Home in Dublin, Ohio

Victoria caregiver
Victoria, far left, with Marybeth, Melissa & Begashaw recognizing our resident, Ronald, for his service

What do you do for Our Family Home?

I am a caregiver at Our Family Home and work at our Tonti Drive home in Columbus. I care for our residents including cooking, managing personal hygiene and doing activities with residents.

How long have you worked with Our Family Home?

I have worked at Our Family Home for five years.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love caring for our residents. Seeing them happy makes me happy. I also enjoy the work I do because of my colleagues and the management. We work together. There’s definitely a strong sense of teamwork and the communication between us is really good. They call and tell me what is going on with a resident, so we are on the same page with what is working and what may not be.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I’m usually taking care of my kids. I love being with my kids, going to the library, out to the movies or just spending time together.

What have you learned working with residents of Our Family Home?

I’ve learned to be patient and kind with our residents. It’s also changed the way I look things. I’ve realized that life is short and you need to make it the way you want it to be. It’s best to be kind to people.

How does Our Family Home give residents and families more good days?

I’ve worked with other companies but at Our Family Home, they teach us a lot about memory disease and how to care for people with dementia. We give residents and families more good days by the care we give to our residents. We want to make sure our residents are healthy, eating good food, doing activities, staying engaged and that they are happy. I like knowing that I am contributing to someone else having a better day.