Putting the Care in Caregiving

Last week, we sat down with our caregivers to thank them for their tireless work and to ask them about their experiences working at Our Family Home. Over lunch together they shared stories about what it’s like caring for individuals whose lives have been dramatically altered by memory disease and how their experience working at Our Family Home is unmatched by other facilities. We are looking forward to sharing more of their stories and experiences in a new Caregiver Series launching in 2020.


As we wrap up 2019, we wanted to look back at a few of our favorite stories about our residents and caregivers. Our caregivers are remarkable people with big hearts. They are the reason our residents thrive in our homes.


“Honestly, I believe that if Fran didn’t have the level of care she’s been receiving from Our Family Home, she probably wouldn’t be with us today. The staff is great. They bond with the residents and show a genuine concern about their care. I still see Fran nearly every day, but I have no worries that when I’m not there that her care is any different. I can’t say enough good things about them.” – Ed Hall

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In 2018, we welcomed Anthony to Our Family Home after being discharged from another memory care facility for his “behaviors.” During our assessment, we learned he had been in three memory care facilities prior to us and was heavily medicated. He was bed-ridden, and his fists were clenched tightly, making him unable to use his hands. After coming to Our Family Home, Anthony now participates in multiple, group activities – like passing around a pool noodle, throwing beach balls, erasing the chalk board and folding napkins.

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What advice would you give someone currently looking for care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease? “There are so many places, and it’s extremely confusing. The biggest thing to look for is the level of care. You just can’t beat the 2 to 5 ratio. Unlike larger, corporate-owned centers, the caregivers at Our Family Home are able to adjust to the needs of each resident. The range of services and availability is off the charts. It’s impossible for another facility to do what they do. They can’t provide this level of care. It’s mathematically impossible.” – Gene Utz

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The staff at Our Family Home is a blessing. I enjoy getting to know them and appreciate the way they treat Fred. Since coming to Our Family Home, we’ve been able to reduce most of Fred’s medications from the hospital and he seems a little more Fred every day. I used to feel a strong urgency to go check on Fred daily, but now I find myself pulling back a little bit. I know the staff at Our Family Home is committed to doing what they can to give Fred more good days. I know Fred will be OK. – Jolynn Hicks

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“We can’t express how much we appreciate Our Family Home for taking loving care of our mother and grandmother. You were there every day for seven years. You were there for every meal. You were there every morning and every night. You tucked her into bed, combed her hair, bathed her, held her hand, dressed her, fed her, and most of all you made sure that she knew she mattered. You made her feel like a person not a burden. You made her feel wanted and comfortable in her own home. This was her home and you were her family in all the ways that matter.”  – Cindy Sasser

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