“Evan, Thank you for building an organization through qualified, dedicated caregivers that enable you to provide the best care my Mom has ever gotten!”

Gene Utz

“CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved Excellence Award! Bob and I can’t THANK YOU enough for the fabulous picture of Mom & You … yes, she definitely is a shining star! We took her to her neurology physician yesterday and he was pretty impressed with her mental and physical condition. THANK YOU AGAIN! She was more alert, her blood pressure was improved and her ‘wit’ is always delightful. We raved about your home and the excellent care given, as we do to all who will listen. I’m sorry we don’t tell you often enough, but there aren’t words to convey how much we appreciate You, the Home and Everyone that makes Mom’s life absolutely The Best of The Best. It’s wonderful to hear you are opening more homes to bring happiness and comfort to even more families.”

Carol, Worthington Galena, Ohio

“Our family cannot thank you enough for “doing what you do” and being so good at it. Our Mother was a resident at the New Albany home until she passed in February. Words simply cannot express our gratitude for the outstanding care and love she received. Your staff is incredible and Mom deserved nothing less than the best. That’s exactly what she received. Thank you from the Crow Girls.”

Susie Crow

“Our Family Home is a wonderful environment for your loved one. My mom has been there for about a year and a half. We miss taking care of her ourselves, but that loss is offset by knowing she is in the hands of people who really care about her, and that she is getting better care than I’m sure we could give her at this point. The staff is very loving and caring and we really appreciate everything they do to ensure mom’s health and happiness. It is a joy to visit Mom in her home, because it is a “house” and it feels like a home. When one resident has a visitor, all the residents have a visitor. We enjoy visiting with the caregivers, too. It is definitely an extended family.”

Debbie Mahoney

“Since moving to Our Family Home I have seen a profound improvement in my father’s level of contentment. His level of awareness has improved and he no longer requires any medication to “control behavior”. Dad smiles often and even though he can no longer converse, I know he is truly happy at Our Family Home. Thanks Evan and all of your wonderful staff, you have made these final years peaceful at last.”

Cathy G.

“Over the past six years my mother has lived in two different assisted living facilities. We have had numerous problems and my mother has been very difficult and unhappy. She was anxious and paranoid at times and the over-stimulation in the environment was making it worse.”

Kathy L.

“Before we found Our Family Home, there was no place we felt comfortable leaving her. Since she has lived in Our Family Home, she has been happier and healthier…She seems to think of it as her own home and she is more relaxed and trusting. We have decreased her medication and she is more alert and active.”

Bill W.

“I never worry that she is being well cared for as I could tell right away that the staff is very attentive and caring. I am relieved to know she is someplace she wants to be. I am very grateful to Evan DuBro and feel lucky to have found this place for mom.”

Maureen L.

“When I tell people where Dad is living, I have to explain that he isn’t really in our home, but some place much better for him.”

“My mom has shown so much improvement and she is really happy. I’m happy that she is taken care of and she is happy.”

Margie Mullins

“Thank God I found out about Our Family Home. The home-like environment, the limited number of residents, and, most critically, the low ratio of caregivers to residents has worked out very well… oversight of the home and understanding of the issues has been great. The workers are trained and mentored, and those who don’t work out are let go. The home is clean, kept in good repair and meals are freshly prepared and are quite good.”

Michael P.

“She came from a place that had about 21 Alzheimer’s patients and pretty much 2 ½ people watching them. No matter how hard they tried they just couldn’t do it and here they can. With 2 to 5 (care providers) I mean that’s just ideal. She actually is dressed when we get here. They know where her things are. There’s only 5 people so everybody has their own belongings. At the other places she was dropping her things in different people’s rooms and we could never find them. She has been able to hold her weight here. And all the other places that we’ve had she’s lost weight maybe 10 lbs even in a month we had happen one time. If she would wander away they just couldn’t chase her down. Here, they make sure that she eats and she hasn’t dropped any weight. She feels safe here, you can tell, and she’s happy. And that makes all the difference in the world.”

Cindy Sasser

“He was a flight risk and that did not work out because he was breaking out. He was memorizing the codes to the door and then they told me that without more drugs they couldn’t keep him there. They were going to send him to the Columbus Psych Hospital and I said “no you’re not”. I found out about Evan through Anne Bare at the Alzheimer’s Society and she said “you’ve got to get him in with Evan, you’ve got to get him in with Evan”. I’m just so happy that we’re here. This is so much more one on care then he ever had at the other places. I brought him here at lunchtime. He sat right down with the rest of the residents. Had lunch and then sat in a chair and it was like he belonged here. When Keith gets hungry he’s at that table, and he’s waiting on his food. And sometimes he’ll say to me “tell her, tell her” you know like he wants his plate right now. Since he’s been here he is off every drug he was on. I’ve been really blessed that Keith is here.”

Ann Allen

“You know who to come and talk to. At the other places there could’ve been 25 people you needed to go and talk to. Here you know you come and talk to one, two, three people. You walk into the living room and all the people are right there together. They’re always there together watching television or listening to music, playing with the ball. They’re just their own little family there.”