Why I chose memory care and my mom didn’t have Alzheimer’s disease

“My mom was never officially diagnosed with memory disease. I believe her memory loss was more a factor of age and a head injury from previous falls versus a disease,” shared Gene Utz, whose mom, Gertrude, was a resident at our Bramblewood house in Cincinnati.

Gene recently shared his story with us, including why he chose to move his mom to Our Family Home after unsuccessful experiences with four other senior living providers in the area.

What was it like trying to find someone to care for your mom? 

Until you’re in the situation of looking for care for an aging family member, you don’t realize the nuance that goes into finding the right place. There are so many options and it’s challenging to understand what you’re going to get for the money you’re spending.

What was your initial impression of Our Family Home?

It was astounding. Not just the layout, which was much easier for my mom to navigate, but the level of care. There is no comparison when you have two aides to five residents in each home. Honestly, it’s so out of balance with anything else you will find out there.

Why did you choose Our Family Home if your mom wasn’t officially diagnosed with a memory disease?

Hands down, the level of care. At first, I questioned whether my mom would thrive in a memory care center. I wondered if she would have enough engagement and interaction if she was surrounded by people with severe memory disease. But, she did. There was a mix of residents at different stages of their disease, which allowed my mom to interact more easily with her peers. The staff also kept her busy – they would talk with her and keep her busy with different activities.

What was it like after you moved your mom in to Our Family Home?

I could finally stop worrying. When my mom was in other centers, I was so worried I would get a call that she fell. After almost five years going from place to place, I could finally relax and know that she was in really good hands.

What advice would you give someone currently looking for care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease?

There are so many places, and it’s extremely confusing. The biggest thing to look for is the level of care. You just can’t beat the 2 to 5 ratio. Unlike larger, corporate-owned centers, the caregivers at Our Family Home are able to adjust to the needs of each resident. The range of services and availability is off the charts. It’s impossible for another facility to do what they do. They can’t provide this level of care. It’s mathematically impossible.